Puppies and Toddlers..The truth

So there has been this adorable blog all over the internet lately of this cute little rescue puppy napping with it’s tiny human.  It is beyond adorable, I look at it frequently.  The real reason I look at it though is I am patiently waiting for the other shoe to drop, it has to right?  This is not how the average puppy and toddler get along.  I have a puppy (she is 6 months now) and a tiny human of my own (just over 2 now) and only once or twice have I gotten a picture of the two of them that melts you heart.

Most of our pictures look like this:

Or this…Super cute right? Puppy with the binky!


But that equals this


It is a constant struggle in our house to balance the puppy and the tiny human.  Trying to teach two tiny beings respect for each other is tough!  It also doesn’t help when you have the world’s best behaved lab and your tiny human expects her tiny puppy to be just like her.  There is never a right time to have a kid or a puppy.  So just don’t have either.  I mean together, don’t have either together.  Instead you should get two puppies, so they can entertain each other instead of just one, who will chew up;  legos, barbies, shoes, ponies, stuffed animals, chicken nuggets, dryer sheets, socks, light up lady bugs, mag lites, kindles, leap frogs, dvds, jackets, hats, pens, trains, train tracks, princess castles, fairy wings, measuring tapes and binkies.

Kids are like tiny tornadoes and puppies are the little storm chasers.  The speed in which my daughter can drop something and my puppy steal it, is amazing.   The shitty part about toddlers is that sometimes for a brief moment they have lapse in judgement and are totally cool with the puppy ripping the cord off their remote control dog, then the next their bi polar meds wear off and they lose their shit about it.  Talk about confusing for those poor pups!

So long story short don’t go out and get a puppy and think it’s all going to be all happy ,lovely, fun with your toddler. I mean there is those moments, but it is hard work.   Instead get a dog then rehome your toddler.  Your life will be so much easier.  Ok no, but really I won’t ever get a puppy again…Until I decide I want another puppy.  Or my daughter decides she is ready for another puppy, See she is an only child so we will give her whatever she wants and spoil her because I am told by anyone with more than one kid that only children are spoiled and get whatever they want. (She suposedly will also be an asshole and selfish since she is an only child. That blog will be coming soon).  I am hoping she will ask for a pony before a puppy.  I am thinking they wont chew up as much shit.

There have been a few awww moments with the two of them though.  Like the day I brought her home and she was still in shock as to what the fuck was happening and she was too terrified to move after Reed put her in the wagon then put a sombrero on her head.

598803_10151929406713336_1747909571_n 1255171_10151929400838336_522614216_n

Here is the link for the cute napping puppy and toddler.  It really is cute!  http://www.boredpanda.com/toddler-napping-with-puppy-theo-and-beau/





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  1. Thanks for the laughs and keeping it real!! I deal with a 10 year old Boxer wondering why the hell this irritating toddler keeps bothering him!

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